Virginia Beach - Corporate Headquarters
Robert Boyd, Repair Department Manager


Robert Boyd Robert has been in the construction industry all of his working life except for a brief period in the mid 1970's when he was a high school teacher. He has a BA degree from the University of California at San Diego (1975) and a graduate degree from San Diego University in Secondary Education (1977).

Mr. Boyd entered the roofing business in 1981 as a project manager/estimator for a small residential/light commercial roofing company in Hampton, VA. From 1985 to 1990 he was employed as an estimator, sales manager, and general manager of a large commercial roof contractor in Virginia Beach.

From 1990 through 2002, he opened and managed a branch office for Roof Consultants of Virginia, Inc. headquartered in Richmond, VA. Responsibilities included roof inspections and evaluations, non-destructive testing, infra-red surveys, specification writing, construction management, and roof design. Robert managed and executed the Facilities Condition Inspection program (FCI) for the Naval Engineering Facility Command (NAVFAC) during the 1990's. This involved roof inspections and assessments of navy shore facilities around the world for long range maintenance planning.

In 1989, he was elected to the Board of Directors for the Virginia Association of Roofing Contractors (VARC) by his roofing peers. He served on the board for three years and held the position of Committee Chairman for Education. He has also served on the Roof Consultants Advisory Council for Firestone Building Products in 1995 and 1996. In 1995, he was invited to serve on the Butler Roof Division Consultant Advisory Council.

In 2002, he re-entered the roof contracting business by taking over as Manager of the Maintenance Division of Roof Services Corporation.

Since 2007, Mr. Boyd has served as state instructor for the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and Virginia Association of Roofing Contractors Roofing Apprendice program.