Roofing Services

Built-Up and Modified Bitumen Roofing

Built Up Bitumen Roof It's dirty & it's nasty, but it is the most time proven roof system in the world! At Roof Services Corporation we are dedicated to carrying on the age old tradition of asphalt built-up roofing (BUR) and its newer cousin, modified bitumen roofing.

Roof Services Corporation has made a commitment to BUR through the purchase of quality equipment and the development of skilled manpower. With five (5) built-up roofing crews and millions of square feet of warranted installations, you can rest assured of quality and professionalism on every project.

Roof Services Corporation is one of only two contractors in the state of Virginia to have earned the Johns Manville quality award as a "Summit Contractor". In addition, Roof Services Corporation is rated in the top 5% of contractors nationwide for quality BUR installations.

Our crews are experienced and qualified in all aspects of modified bitumen application including hot mopped and cold process installations.

Roof Services Corporation is a licensed applicator with the industry's leaders in BUR and modified bitumen roofing including Johns Manville, Siplast, WP Hickman, Tremco and Firestone.

Single Ply Roofing

Choose one of the largest single ply contractors in the eastern USRoof Services Corporation is one of the largest single ply contractors in the eastern United States with over nine (9) trained and experienced single ply crews. Our crews are skilled in every type of installation technique including mechanically attached, fully adhered and ballasted systems. We are also experienced with various types of roof system construction techniques including seam tape, adhesives, heat welding and low rise foam.

As an approved applicator for the nation's leading single ply manufacturers including Firestone, Carlisle SynTec, Samafil, Fibertite, Stevens, and Durolast; Roof Services Corporation has installed over 20 million square feet of warranted single ply roof systems.

Choose one of the largest single ply contractors in the eastern USWhether its 1,000 square feet or 1,000,00 square feet, we have the right product along with the trained and experienced crews to insure a quality, long-term performing single ply roof instalation.

Roof Services Corporation has been the recipient of numerous quality applicator awards including the following:

  • Fourteen Firestone Master Contractor Awards
  • Two Firestone President's Awards
  • Ten Firestone Circle of Quality Awards
  • One Hundred Carlisle Perfect 10's
  • Five Stevens Roofing Systems Hall of Fame Awards

Metal Roofing/Composite Panels

To insure quality control and to provide full service capabilities, Roof Services Corporation has a fully equipped and computerized sheet metal shop, as well as composite panel manufacturing capabilities. The shop is fully staffed and managed by a certified journeyman sheet metal mechanic with over 25 years experience.

Our sheet metal shop can provide custom fabricated metal flashings including coping, counter flashing, conductor heads, fascia metal, pitch pockets, gutters, downspouts, etc. With our modern equipment, custom fabrication can be done with all types of metal (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, pre-finished steel) from 16 to 24 gauge steel and .032 to .063 aluminum. We also have TIG and MIG welding capabilities.

New Metal Roofing / Composite PanelsWith its roll forming machine, Roof Services Corporation can field fabricate aluminum and/or steel standing seam metal roof panels in many styles to fit the owner and/or architect's design request. We are also authorized and experienced with other metal roof manufacturers including Englert, Merchant & Evans, Inc., AEP Span, Fabral, Atas and MBCI.

In addition, Roof Services Corporation can custom fabricate composite wall panels, fascia, soffit and ceilings. Wall panels can be done in custom colors, and shapes including straight, curved, or tapered panels. Our panels can be done in 4 mm or 6 mm thickness. We are also authorized and experienced with other composite panel manufacturers including Alucabond, Alcoa Reynobond, Citidel, and Protean.


Roof Services Corporation is an approved Loadmaster contractor (visit, with over 1,000,000 square feet of system installation. Roof Services Corporation has twice received performance awards from Loadmaster in 1999 and 2001.

Loadmaster is a complete roof deck system composed of high tensile steel base with thermal insulation and high performance Durflex Mineral Board mechanically anchored to the steel sections to provide composite strength.

Loadmaster can be used with all types of commercial roof systems including BUR, single ply roof systems, modified bitumen systems and metal roof systems. Our training and experience with Loadmaster, today's most efficient roof deck system in the commercial construction industry, is just one of the many reasons Roof Services Corporation is your best resource for complete commercial services.