Roofing Maintenance

ROOF SERVICES CORPORATION (RSC) is a well-established leader in the commercial / industrial roofing industry and has the largest and most sophisticated Maintenance and Repair Department in Virginia.

The responsibility of this Department is to provide property owners and / or managers with the necessary tools to extend the useful service life of existing roof systems.

This is accomplished through the implementation of systematic preventive maintenance procedures including:

  • routine roof inspections
  • deficiency identification
  • repair prioritization
  • replacement forecasting
  • corrective action

Roof Maintenance from the Roof Services offices Virginia BeachWhether you are an owner / manager of one property or multiple properties, our dedicated team of experts will provide the necessary information to allow for informed decision making in the allocation of limited funding.

Pro-active management through strategic long-term planning is a proven cost saving strategy. It is the goal of the Roofing Maintenance and Repair Department to assist in meeting the challenges of today's rapidly Get on the Roof for commercial roofing maintenancechanging business climate.

ROOF SERVICES CORPORATION (RSC) has offices in Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Fredericksburg (serving Northern Virginia). RSC also has a dedicated department with radio dispatched crews ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, including holidays.


Emergency Leak Repair

  • Experienced technicians on call 24 hours, 365 days a year

Preventive Maintenance Contract (PMC)

  • Annual and semi-annual roof inspections.
  • Includes routine maintenance and minor repairs
  • Extends roof service life

Roof Condition Assessment (RCA)

  • Moisture surveys.
  • Deficiency documentation.
  • Prioritize needs.
  • Cost estimates.

Roof Management Data Base

  • Roof information clearly and neatly recorded in Microsoft Access data base format.


  • Cost estimates for repairs and replacements allowing for long term planning and allocation of limited funds.

Roof Repairs

  • Minor and major roof repairs completed according to the manufacturer's requirements and / or industry standards.
  • Roof repairs are intended to last a minimum of the remaining service life and are guaranteed.

Roof Restoration

  • RSC is an applicator of leading acrylic / urethane coatings systems which will extend roof performance up to ten years.
  • Cool roof experts.

Moisture Surveys

  • Infrared moisture surveys to help identify wet roof insulation.

Tenant Build-Outs

  • Licensed applicators of every major roof manufacturer.
  • Experienced with multiple trade scheduling, coordination, and coating.

Roof Drawings

  • In-house CAD roof drawings