"We believe you are, without a doubt, the best roofing company we have worked with in the last ten years. Your office, staff, mechanics, and everyone on the jobsites always have a 'can do' attitude and we greatly appreciate all of your cooperation."
S.B. Ballard Construction Company

"On April 9, 2002 I made the final inspection on the Sears reroof project in Richmond, VA. Walking over the roof and testing over 90% of the laps, I found that your firm installed an excellent roof system. I would like to commend you on the quality of work and the attitude of your men present during the inspection. They were more than glad to help and learn about the areas that I feel are most critical in giving the owner a quality roof system. Your firm represented yourselves but most important to Johns Manville, you represented us in a most professional manor and I would like to thank you for that."
Johns Manville Roofing Systems

"Your recent efforts installing the roofing system on this project are very much appreciated and have helped maintain our progress to date."
W.M. Jordan Company

"As you may know, we have had chronic roof problems at Long & Foster ever since I have been involved with the shopping center. I hope I am not jinxing the situation, but I wanted to let you know that the tenant made an unsolicited call yesterday to let me know that after the driving rain that we had experienced, they have had no new leaks in the roof. It appears that Rick Vaughan of your office was able to resolve an issue that has been very difficult to pinpoint."
S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company

"Ukrop's Construction and Facilities Deparment would like to recognize and compliment our vendors who consistently provide us with exceptional customer service. These vendors have proven time and again that they put Ukrop's interests first, sometimes over their own interests. Of course, Roof Services immediately comes to mind."
Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc.

"I just wanted to send a short note on the exceptional work on the vestibules and canopy's. Your staff was very easy to work with. Dwayne and Mike were always on top of the project, both were very professional in their workmanshop and performed their work with pride. I really enjoyed working with Roof Services and hope we can work together again on many more projects."
Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.

Letters of Reference

Children's Hospital Foundation

McKenzie Construction Corporation

Hourigan Construction